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I know I’m not the only one here with this, but it’d be interesting to see how many other people actually feel the same way. 

I’ve seen countless numbers of people say things like “Cupcakes ruined Pinkie for me” or “I can no longer look at X the same way because of Y”

I suppose it’s something that cannot be helped. But honestly, when i watch the show, my mind just seems to block out anything fandom related. Not matter how many times I’ve seen or read about Pinkie being some kind of murderous psychopath, no matter how many times I see Rarity being some kind of sadistic pain monger. I can still watch the show for what it is, A nice, happy, cheerful and cute tv show with bright and colourful ponies.

That’s enough meta for now…I’m sorry D:

Heyyy. There we go.

It’s really dumb that people can’t separate Fandom from Canon. 

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    Fandom is fandom, and yet I can still enjoy watching the show with a smile on my face~ :D
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    I guess it’s worth reblogging, even if it is a little old.
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    I agree with these testaments, thus forth I shall reblog
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    I don’t want to lose my headcanons.
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    It really doesn’t and if you can’t try and find the tumblr-verse theory it kind of helps keep it apart
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    I see so many other ponies saying stuff like “Oh my character is afraid of pinkie because of cupcakes” or “rainbowdash...